5th Nanosynergetics Workshop

The 5th Nanosynergetics Workshop will be held on Friday 13th November as a web meeting (by Zoom).

This workshop is devoted to the presentation of research activities and results within the CNRS IRP Nanosynergetics, but open to a larger audience.

There will be invited talks (20 minutes) by two distinguished colleagues, Professor Eléna ISHOW (U. Nantes, France) and Professor Kingo UCHIDA (Ryukoku University, Japan). A few oral presentations (15 minutes) and flash presentations (5 minutes) opportunities are available. Abstracts can be uploaded via the Registration & Abstract submission section.

Please register by 6th November.

Topics will be related, not only, but mainly to the following aspects that are coverd by the IRP Nanosynergetics

  • Photo-mechanical effects
  • Magnetism and Plasmonics
  • Photo-emissive (nano-)materials
  • Supramolecular materials
  • Multiphoton processes and dynamics
  • Advanced data analysis and chemometrics